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All types of concrete and stone repair

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Masonry Contractor License: RBQ 8267-0035-01

Chimney Repair to Flagstone Repair... We do it all
CMS is Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. We also offer very competitive pricing.
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CMS consists of a small group of very talented masonry craftsmen, led by owner Robert Frank, who are able to provide beautiful masonry repair work and masonry accents using brick or stone. From chimney repair to stone light posts, stone window sills, and stone retaining wall repairs, let us show you why we're so proud of the repair work we do.

We are not satisfied with just repairing your home. We find the root of the problem and solve it, meaning, the damage won't return a few years down the road. We have years of experience and expertise in our field along with hundreds of satisfied customers.

CMS has been specializing in brick, stone and concrete restorations projects for over 25 years. We have extensive experience providing brick repair, chimney repair,and facade repair services to Montreal and West Island.
We are specialists in chimney repair and rebuilding, parging and foundations. Tuck pointing, brick replacement and window ledge installation.

Types of Masonry Services we provide:

• Brick Repair
Our masonry company repairs any type of brick in the Montreal metro area. We take on the smallest projects such as brick mailboxes to larger projects such as complete chimney repairs/renovations.

CMS is an expert in the field of brick and stone repair. Our team of highly skilled masons offer brick repair, including repairs of cracks, leaning, structural damage, leaks and stains. We work hard to ensure that our crack repair and prevention work is blended into the wall, using a range of materials that match the colour and texture of the brick. We deliver nothing but quality work and offer an outstanding warranty with every brick repair completed.

Our brick repair service includes replacing all cracked or broken bricks with the same kind of brick or something similar. We will completely remove all the damaged bricks from the wall. Some manufacturers have discontinued certain sizes and styles, but we do our best to match your current style, texture, and size of brick. We provide samples of brick with every job before proceeding with the repair. All deteriorated mortar joints are removed and replaced with healthy mortar while working hard to match your current mortar on the masonry wall.

Cracks need immediate and professional attention, and with our help, you can rest assured that your wall will remain structurally secure and that the cracks will be prevented from spreading.

• Chimney Repair and rebuilding(brick & stone)
Our Chimney repair service includes anything from replacing a few bricks to complete chimney rebuilds from ground or roof up. Our service also includes chimney flashing repairs, chimney crown repair, and steel liners. We are experienced(25 years+ offering chimney repair services) in brick, block, or stone.

Mortar cracks often occur with older fireplaces due to the harsh outdoor elements. It is very important to take care of these repairs soon to keep water from damaging your chimney.

We will match all brick, stone, and mortar to the best of our abilities. Some types of brick have been discontinued over time, but samples can be provided if there is not an exact match Chimneys can be restored just like any other masonry surface.

Call us today for professional and reliable chimney repairs, maintenance and relining.
Click here to see photos of some chimney repair restorations we've done.

• Concrete Restoration, Sealing, and Repair
We repair concrete steps, garages, driveways, patios and sidewalks. Our concrete repairs will save you money over having to remove and replace your existing concrete. Repairing concrete damage will help prevent freeze/thaw damage to your concrete. We also offer concrete sealing for added protection. Increase the value of your home and it's curb 'WOW' factor.

We also offer Techo Block concrete overlay restoration.
Click here to view concrete repair jobs we've done.

• Flagstone Repair
We have extensive experience with Flagstone Patio repair and Flagstone Walkway repair in Montreal and surrouning areas.

Use our Flagstone repair experience to repair and/or seal your Flagstone Walkway or Patio. We can repair and/or protect your Flagstone surfaces from Canada's harsh winter or fading caused by the sun. Call us for an estimate to repair or restore the look of your Flagstone patio or Flagstone walkway it should have.
Click here to view concrete repair jobs we've done.

• Concrete Foundation Repair
We offer several options/solutions to cracked concrete foundations. Typically, cracked concrete floors require repair/replacement because of excess water under the slab due to lack of weeping tile, broken sewer or water lines. Sulphate attack is another major contributor to cracked floors.

We may be able to fix foundation crack repairs without digging. All houses will settle, but because soil properties vary, not every point on a foundation will settle uniformly, thus causing cracks in walls and doorframes. Good construction will minimize overall settlement and prevent differential settlement. In time, even small cracks will grow larger and can cause BIG problems like loss of structural integrity. All cracks that may be or are exposed to moisture need to be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid extensive damage.
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• RePointing, TuckPointing of brick, stone, flagstone, block
CMS has been providing tuckpointing and repointing services to the Montreal area for many years and can provide references of many satisfied customers.

If your brickwork(including stone, block, and flagstone) needs repointing/tuckpointing we are the ones to call! We grind away the damaged mortar joints with a diamond blade about 1" deep. We then refill the joints with proper colored mortar which includes a concrete weld bonding agent to ensure durability. We finish the joints in the same style as the original brickwork or as per your request.

Tuckpointing becomes necessary when you have damaged mortar on your brick or stone wall. Mortar is affected by harsh outdoor elements over the years and start to deteriorate and crack with time. Once your mortar is damaged it loses its water resistance and more damage can occur. It is extremely important to tuckpoint or repoint any masonry wall with signs of mortar damage in order to preserve your brick wall. Doing so will extend the life of your brickwork, secure the outer layer of your property, and can also bring subtle yet important aesthetic benefits to your brickwork.

The CMS team is able to carry out the repointing process professionally, ensuring your brickwork lasts a lifetime.
This is one of our major specialties.

• Other Masonry Services we offer
• Parging(creating smooth finishes for surfaces of masonry walls. )
• Retaining walls repaired
• Door and window repositioning
• Caulking and expansion joints
• Clay terra cotta tiles repair/replacements
• Stainless steel liners for furnaces installed
• Steel Lintels (angle iron) over doors and windows installed/replaced
• Restoration of brick and stone
• Stone and brick light post repair
• Stone, concrete and brick window sill repair